• Courtyard before upgrade

The improvement of the amenity space of this Shoreditch Commercial building was achieved using a colourful palette providing seating, lighting, cycle & bin storage.  This attractive space now provides an improved view from inside building, encouraging occupants outside to use and look after the space.

Office Outside Space is rare in central London.


We have just completed Courtyard Improvement Project at Jordan House in Shoreditch.

Precious outside space was not being used by the tenants of these commercial offices.  It was decided to deal with the bike storage, noisy A/C plant and dark undercroft.

Trees and an irrigation system have enhanced this colourful external amenity space including outside seating and lighting.

The Party Walls were improved, the undercroft rearranged to arrange for A/C plant; Rubbish and Bicycle Storage.    The Space now feels welcoming and an asset to building users.

Office Outside Space is rare in central London.












These new images of the recently completed commercial office space in the City of London show the excellent detailing of the reception area achieved with Bulgaro Ltd.


Outside Berry Street Entrance

Inside Berry Street Entrance

ArcherArchitects and MyLyft were able to come up with a practical solution to deal with  the difference between street level and the Client’s Berry Street building reception by placing the lift inside the building and using a full height door at street level.


As part of the Coleman Street redevelopment Lighting for Nun Court was given consideration for its re-invention for retail use. Previously the lighting installation comprised of 2 no. wall mounted LED street lights that provide adequate illumination for the courts secondary status. In order to enhance the visual appearance of Nun Court when accessed from Coleman Street the Installation of 2 no. hanging lanterns suspended in the entrance sequence directly below the arch, finished in bronze. Concealed linear up light that will wash the underside of the newly formed arched soffit.



74 Coleman Street consists of six floors, hosting high quality flexible office accommodation.  All office space is provided with raised access floors, suspended high efficiency LED luminaires and air source heat pump driven comfort cooling and heating.

The building consists of:

  • An office main entrance with a dedicated reception and a retail unit area with independent access at ground floor.
  • six floors of flexible office accommodation (Cat-A).
  • Amenities for all building users in the basement, such as locked refuse storage, bike parking with dedicated shower rooms and a plant area.





Warm toned wooden panelling also dominates in the toilet core, the wall on the left-hand side of the lobby entirely clad. Thanks to a detailed design and an accurate implementation all doors are entirely flush within the wall cladding with no recess or frames providing a high specification finish.

A unique feature on this wall is created by the inserts of mirror meticulously installed between the white oak veneered wall battens. An interesting linear light reflection helps to visually enlarge the narrow space of the lobby.

An explosion of materials with a refined palette of grey in the cubicle where the monochrome grey flooring compensates for the stylish terrazzo effect walling tiles and satin etch finish dark grey of the access panel balances vivid black tone of all fittings.


A visual interest curved shape wall in the reception area drives people through the entrance of the building. The european oak battens on it create a consistent linear texture intensified along the bottom to create a visual interest alternating with different depths of batten.

The cove lighting from the ceiling provides a soft effect to define the high-class aesthetic of the wooden cladding in its entirety.  Achieved by incorporating a LED strip above the ceiling pocket, this method subtly emphasises the feature whilst also hiding the lighting system hidden.

The reception desk designed with a solid piece of marble visuallly contrasts the surrounding fit out, with its stylish carrara cladding occupies a prominent/pivotal position in the entrance area.

Top-bottom fixed veneered timber screen spanning from floor to ceiling consists of reinforced battens of various depths and heights. The rhythm is gradually intensified along the first flight of stairs matching the solid panelling wrapping the entire lift shaft through the building.



The fully restored principal elevation to Coleman Street makes a positive contribution both to the conservation area and the street scene.  The ground floor retail retains the circulicular motif as shown in the original design (as shown in historical photos.) and a new contemporary double storey mansard with a zinc standing seam at 5thfloor.

New Nun Court Facade

One of the key aspects of the scheme is the construction of a new extension on to the existing rear courtyard area.

The new facade set back from the existing elevation thus allowing the existing facade to take precedence and providing a visual break between the retained and the new extension. The type of brick used for the extension  complements the portland stone on the principal elevation (a pale grey with matching mortar) and duly contrasts dramatically with the retained brickwork of the existing building.

When the facade reaches 6th floor level there is a marked change in the treatment of the fenestration, with a spectacular full height curtain walling.


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