74 Coleman Street


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74 Coleman Street communal entrance is enhanced with the introduction of  visual interest of the curved shape wall in the reception area which drives people through the entrance via the desk to Stairwell and Lift. The european oak battens on it create a consistent linear texture intensified along the bottom to create a visual interest alternating different depth battens.

Its cove lighting from the ceiling provides a soft effect to define high-class aesthetic of the wooden cladding in its entirety.  Achieved by incorporating a led strip above the ceiling pocket, this method subtly emphasises battens feature while keeping the entire lighting system hidden.

Whilst revitalising the workspace it was apparent that the development should compliment the building’s history and existing details of the Bank Conservation Area.

Using considered materials, Archer Architects worked carefully around and with the existing preserved details in the building, to create a more contemporary, clean space.

  • Date: 07/04/22
  • Client: Stirling Securities
  • Filed under: Recycle, Work